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Author exhibitions:

18 March – 30 May 2024 Sunny Afternoon, Zruč nad Sázavou Castle Gallery
13 February – 12 March 2024 Abstraction without borders, Slovak House in Prague
2. 8. – 3. 9. 2023 Abstraction III, Tábor City Gallery / Water Tower
19/04/2023 – 30/06/2023 Abstraction II, National Monument Institute / Opočno State Castle
1 April – 15 July 2023 Abstraction, Františkovy Lázně City Museum / Seeberg Castle
1. 5. – 30. 6. 2022 Abstraction in the Gazebo, Galerie Altán Grébovka

Sale of paintings:
Free works are also installed in sales displays and can be purchased and collected directly from the operator.
It is possible to contact the artist via the QR code or the indicated telephone number and individually arrange a personal selection even outside the exhibition and exhibition spaces.
A certificate of originality, an author's label and a proof of purchase are issued for each piece.

Author exhibitions and sales expositions:

About me

Would you like to know a little about me?

I come from eastern Slovakia near the Tatras, but for several years I have been living and working in the Czech Republic in Prague, where I perform under the pseudonym Paulo M Artist. I am a successful and contemporary author dealing primarily with abstract visual art. As part of my work, I work exclusively with acrylic paints on canvas. At the beginning of my work, I depicted mainly natural motives on canvases, such as flowers, meadows, natural scenery or the sea. Over time, however, I moved into the realm of abstraction and abstract motives, as I was absorbed and fascinated by the painterly freedom that abstract art offers. When creating my paintings, I never know what the final work will look like, which brings adrenaline to my life and energy for further artistic creation.

I have held over 25 exhibitions and sold dozens of paintings. I exhibit my paintings primarily in Prague, but lately I have also been focusing on locations outside the capital and thus spreading awareness of my work to other regions of the Czech Republic, as well as abroad. I often hear very positive responses from the general public, which motivates me to continue creating. The public finds my paintings original, interesting in their color combination and style, and thought-provoking.

I exhibit my paintings primarily in the interiors of quality cafes or luxury hotels in Prague, but I have also established a valuable collaboration with the Opočno State Castle or the Romanesque Seeberg Castle, where my paintings can be seen set in the historical framework of these beautiful and valued buildings. My paintings are also present in private collections in the Czech Republic and abroad (e.g. in Austria, Slovakia, Poland or Germany).

My work is composed of my current views on the world and momentary ideas that are influenced by my mood. A sip of quality wine and sensual serious music bring harmony to the mind and body through their connection, and determine in which direction and with which color the brush will go on the canvas...

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I am a creative person open to new challenges.

The joy of art and a new charge for unknown places.
This is my credo for the energy of life.

Areas of cooperation:
- interior design
- site-specific projects
- art education

I look forward to your ideas, observations and opinions.

Why not make life more beautiful with colorful pictures and combine the pleasant with the useful...


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