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My portfolio

My portfolio

Images for your project, design, cafe, restaurant, hotel, office as a holiday gift.


Information for purchasing the exhibited image

Each painting that is at the exhibition (cafe, restaurant) can be purchased immediately in one of two ways.

  1. You can pay at the waiter in cash, after leaving an e-mail address, you will receive a proof of purchase within a few hours.
  2. It is possible to contact the painter himself via the QR code or on the telephone number given on the leaflet. As far as possible, the painter can arrive within 1 hour, or it is possible to make an appointment and buy a painting, payment is possible in cash or by card. The document will be sent to the e-mail address.

Exhibition invitations:

About me

Hi, my name is Pavel, I was born in 1980 and I come from eastern Slovakia not far from the Slovak Tatras.

I paint with acrylic paints on canvas. From the beginning of my work, it was mainly flowers, meadows, landscapes, the sea. Gradually, my work turns into abstraction, which has become my inspiration for further work. In abstraction, I am fascinated by the absolute freedom of painting.


When creating a new painting, I never know in advance what the final work will look like, and it is the adrenaline that gives me energy for further work.

My work is composed of my current views of the world and current ideas, which are influenced by my mood. A sip of quality wine and sensual classical music, with their combination of mind and body, give harmony which direction and color the brush will take on the canvas ...


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If you are a design office, you are engaged in interior design, arranging houses, apartments, or offices and you are looking for original paintings that will give your interior design the right impression, do not be afraid to speak up and we can establish cooperation.

It is possible to paint a picture according to your wishes (size, color, etc.), or you can choose from ready-made paintings that are available

You can contact us if you run a restaurant, café, hotel, guesthouse, or gallery and you are interested in buying paintings, or arrange an exhibition in your premises, where original works can beautify the premises and make them more attractive for your guests.

If you run a hairdresser or you are a studio with flowers and there is an opportunity to hang your paintings and you would be interested in cooperation do not hesitate to write to me and we can come up with something.

If you produce wallpapers, posters and you like the style of my work, it is possible to agree and start cooperation in this area and get the motifs of my paintings to other dimensions and other media.

I am open to long-term cooperation.

I look forward to your ideas, observations and opinions.

Why not make life nicer with colorful pictures and combine so pleasant with useful....


Are you interested in something in the field of painting, are you interested in painting a picture? Email me ...
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